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Elisabeth Devan

By profession I am an optometrist, which I still really enjoy and practice part-time but it means my day is spent in a dark room with no windows. So it is a passion of mine to spend as much time as possible outside walking in nature enjoying the open light space.


I have also practiced meditation over the last 30 years and more recently yoga and mindfulness. 

I am a trained walk leader and first aider and have lead walking groups for HF holidays over the last 

14 years abroad and in the UK.

Olga Levitt

I came to yoga and mindfulness through my own journey to

manage stress and enhance

the quality of my life while working as a systemic psychotherapist in the public and private sector.


I am now a mindfulness teacher trained through Bangor University and a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and enjoy exploring mind-body-spirit connections

in groups.


Mindful walking outdoors is one

of my most inspiring practices.

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