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All classes on Zoom for now


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Mixed ability class of Hatha yoga to develop flexibility, strength, stamina and balance in body and mind. There is an emphasis on practicing mindfully in order to develop awareness that can carry over from the mat to everyday life.


I run one yoga class at

Totteridge Village Hall

Badger’s Croft

London N20 8AH.



9.30-11.00am on Friday mornings.

This is a Zoom class for existing students only.

The class is free with donations invited to a 

a different charity each month.

In May we are supporting North London Hospice



New Zoom Chair Yoga Class open to people of all Abilities and Disabilities

Mondays 11.15am- 12.15pm 

British Summer Time

Please contact me if you would like to

attend or have any other enquiries.


Olga Levitt 07762 546457







British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher